Advantages Of Having A Custom Playpen Bird Cage

It is very common for birds to get depressed and bored especially when they are out of their environment!

Birds are intelligent and playful creatures. With a custom built playpen for your bird, also known as play gym, your bird essentially has it's own recreational center.

When birds are bored or unhealthy, they will act like children and try to get your attention, they will start screaming, chewing on their cage, and even pick their own feathers! With a playpen, birds will create their own fun. It's one way for them to entertain themselves and exercise.

  • Playpens can be customized to a variety of styles as long as it's on a flat surface.
  • Playpens can be very entertaining with the addition of hanging toys, perches, ladders, loops and hooks.
  • Playpens are beneficial for both the bird and the owner, they develop a bond, by knowing that they are both living within the same environment.

Playpens for birds provide a place where the bird can play safely without getting harmed when the owner is not necessarily around. Playpens on a bird cage decreases or even eliminates boredom, stress, and the feeling of loneliness or the feeling that they are in a cage.

When birds are accustomed to always being on the playpen, they can be disobedient. They feel dominant and safe because they are above the owner's eye-level but playpens also build a bond between pet and owner, the pet feels trusted and free, therefore will come to owner's advantage.

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